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I Wish We were Free: A poem about dreams

Updated: Feb 22, 2021

I wish we were free

No worries of low grades No tensions of failing No dreams of coming 1st No risks of trailing

When I see around me I see friends smiling Running around playing football Laughing and falling

At the strike of the clock they will be gone Will have opened Google and applied for a job That’s their responsibility and I know it’s fair But schools are for learning and not a job fair

When I see around me I see a sad girl with her head down Dragging herself to the class in uptown Maybe she wants to play viola but because of fear and pressure of society she is an engineer If you don’t follow your passion and not in your dream’s company there won’t be any Michael’s moonwalk or any Beethoven’s symphony I wish we were free…

When I see around me I see a forest of concrete where hearts have turned into stones and people fall at other’s feet

I see a dream crushed in the eyes of society I hear a laugh stifled under the weight of responsibility I feel a heart sobbing because it is not free

Every job is important and nothing means less But whatever you choose to do, do without stress.

When I see around me, I see a tree standing in the wind, careless and free Every leaf in it, an example of unity But if you stand against the ideal life, you will fall down on the count of three. Do you think it’s bad if you are not a part? But what about your own wishes and your own art?

When I see around me, I see a fallen leaf Rotting away slowly but still in a relief that he is providing nutrition & keeping the tree alive Doing his job happily before the end of his time.

I looked at him and he smiled at me, Said you just see what you want to see, I am still a part even though not a part of tree, But the good thing is, I am happy and I am free…. 🙂

-Wrote after my maths exam under a tree 😛 10/27/14


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