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Let's go to someplace: A travel poem

Updated: Feb 22, 2021

Lets go to someplace

Away from this life

Lets search for a new world

A world away from mine

Just take a backpack

maybe a guitar

take a train

or book a car

It could be a city

or a small town

You'll never know

what you may found

A guy roaming too

could be your friend

You will just need to

extend your hand

From a road side vendor

when hungry you'll eat

Will never forget

a lone musician's drumbeat

If you can't pay for taxi

You will just walk

An old woman walking with you

will be there to talk

There will be buildings

with their own histories

Every road singing

its own stories

Shops with their antiques

Buses with their drivers

Signals and the traffic

Parks and the lovers

Skyline of the city

Clubs and their covers

Twisted lanes crooked homes

Castles and their towers

If it starts raining

You will run for the cover

Smile at the person beside you

And stick out your hand to feel the water

You can span the world

A map is all you need

Old jeans, a sweatshirt, worn out shoes

and a stomach to feed

You won't be alone

You will have yourself and God

You will find that

the world is not that bad as you had thought

Your dreams, your wishes

and with some help

On the road

You will find yourself.


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